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November 2015 Updates

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all of that have paid dues! You are officially a member of the team. 🙂 If you haven’t paid dues yet, please get them to Elaine, Bobby or myself this week at the absolute latest.


Now for the good stuff! We have a lot of cool things upcoming for you dues paying members. First and foremost, Nationals 2016 applications will be opening this week. This year USAT Collegiate Nationals is April 22nd-23rd in Clemson, SC. There will be a meeting about this very soon and the application will stay open for a couple weeks so you have a lot of time to think about it. For more info on nationals in the meantime, check out our website. It is the biggest race of our season and is a ton of fun! Last year it costed $100-$130 (depending on practice attendance/volunteering) for 4 days in Clemson, bus and hotel included. To be eligible to be on our nationals team, you have to have competed in an MECTC race before nationals. We have some indoor triathlon winter options for those of you who would like to go but have not yet done that. Again, this is a ton of info so stay tuned for the meeting soon!


Secondly, POWERBAR!! Yay free stuff! Today I will open the powerbar form to our Facebook page (if you are not on our Facebook page, PLEASE email me back so I can add you). You will give 5 options of full sized stuff from powerbar’s website. We will send in what you want to powerbar and they will send each of us 2 boxes of powerbar stuff totally free! So make sure you have paid dues so you can place an order.


Lastly, just some housekeeping. However unfortunately you may think this is, it is getting colder and darker earlier. Hence, bike practices are moved inside on trainers for the forceable future *single tear drop*. They will be Thursdays 6pm and Saturday 9am at Dem Hall. If the workout includes a run, please bring appropriate (warm) running clothes. If you need a trainer, get on the Facebook group and check out the sweet order form I posted for Kurt Kinetic trainers. We receive them brand new at a 15% discount and there are tons of options. That ends THIS WEDNESDAY! So please check that out soon if you’re interested. We are working on getting a more permanent place for people to store their bikes and trainers over the winter, but for now we have to drag them to and from. Text team members or me if you need a ride! Also if you are not on the awesome google drive our awesome coach made for us (includes workouts, tips, nationals time calculator and more), please email me so I can figure that out for you.


Thanks again! Excited about the year!

GR Tri Recap

Twelve MSU Triathletes raced the opening summer tri this past Sunday, June 14 at the Grand Rapids Triathlon. Jessica Ball (2:37:55) and Todd Buckingham (2:01:30) again took the top spots in the MSU Team. Jess finished 18th overall (4th in the collegiate division) after a close sprint finish, and Todd finished third overall (first collegiate division).  Both Jess and Todd had the fastest times of the MSU team at Collegiate Nationals three weeks ago.


Find detailed results from the race here