Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we get every year. Read through these, and if you still have any questions contact us!

Am I required to race?
No. Racing is entirely optional.

I’m new to sports in general, is this a problem?
No. We have people from all background and skill levels.

I’m a terrible swimmer/cyclist/runner, does this affect anything?
No. Most people on the team come from a non-triathlon background. We have resources (coaching, coordinators, etc.) to help you in whatever sport you might be struggling with.

I don’t have a bike. Can I borrow one until I decide if I want to buy one?
Yes. We have one team bike available for people to use.

What if I can’t make every practice?
No. As college students, we understand how tight everyone’s schedule is — training with the Club should not by stressful. Practice isn’t mandatory, unless you make the Nationals team and commit to go.

What if I can’t keep up with everyone else during the workouts?
No worries. If you’re new to the team, chances are your fitness level is below most other people. That’s why our coach and workout coordinators are here to help and guide you as you develop into your full potential.

Can I use my campus commuter/mountain bike?
You might be able to get away with it for short, easy rides.

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