Life as a triathlete – Video

Credit for the video goes to MSU&U. We would also like to extend a special thank you to Bella Cerroni for being in charge of making the video.

Practices are never mandatory, although attendance is encouraged! Practices are written and designed by other experienced members on the team and/or our coach, Aaron Bachman. See our practice schedule. The only time your attendance at practices will be monitored is if you intend to race for the team at the Collegiate Nationals Championship.

Paying dues gives you access to our many awesome sponsors. The sport of triathlon is expensive – we try to alleviate that expense by giving you discounted gear and nutrition through our sponsors. Dues are $200 dollars per school year. But don’t let this number fool you: dues give you access to our sponsorships, as well as travel and/or lodging for our big races. On top of this you get access to a professional coach!

MSU Triathlon competes in the Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MECTC) which consists of several races which conclude with the Collegiate National Championship in which we send our best athletes to compete. See our racing pages for more information.

The club hosts many official social gatherings such as the Viking Feast, in which we make a gross amount of food, throw it on a table, and eat it with our hands (don’t worry-we wash our hands). Being on the team also connects you to a network of other people who enjoy suffering through endurance races along with just hanging out. MSU Triathlon has many volunteering activities in which you will be able to participate in and are a great way to hang out with the team outside of racing and social events.

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