Powerbar provides us with several free orders of amazing food that gets us through all those hard training sessions.

We’re passionate about sports and fitness, health and wellness. That’s why we started POWERBAR to begin with – to help athletes like you reach your goals by providing conveniet nutritional products. All of our products are backed by decades of sports nutrition science and must live up to our high standards to meet the nutrition and energy needs of all athletes – from world-class champions and dedicated amateurs to beginners.

Evergreen Cycles and Repair

Evergreen is a new MSU Tri sponsor. They give us huge discounts on bike tune-ups and gear.

Kurt Kinetic


Kurt Kinetic gives us discounts in all their gear, including stationary trainers for winter cycling.

Kurt Manufacturing got its start in the cycling industry when it began manufacturing the trainer frames for a competitor. The competitor went bankrupt in 1999. Stuck with a great deal of inventory and tooling and armed with the knowledge about leaking resistance units, Kurt decided to apply its precision manufacturing expertise to build bike trainers. The result was a design so innovative it was awarded a patent for its leak proof fluid resistance unit.

Cdifferent with Aaron


Aaron Scheidies is a 29 year old that has overcome more in his short life than many conquer in a lifespan. Born with a hereditary eye condition that slowly deteriorates his central vision, Aaron now has 20% of the vision of a fully sighted person.  After battling through hard times in his early teens, Aaron found the sport of triathlon and turned his life around. Beginning with sprint triathlon and continuing up the triathlon pyramid, Aaron is now a seven-time triathlon World Champion and eight-time National Champion, having traveled around the globe competing in over nearly 200 triathlons.In 2005, Aaron teamed up with four other blind individuals to conquer the world’s single most grueling event, the Ironman triathlon (2.4mi Swim, 112mi Bike, 26.2mi Run) on the legendary Couer d’Alene course.  Just as he is a multi-dimensional athlete, he also excels in all aspects of life. At Michigan State University Aaron had a perfect 4.0 GPA, was the president of the MSU Triathlon Club, volunteered over 100 hours helping other students with disabilities and was inducted into the Athletes with Disability Hall of Fame. He graduated with a BS in Kinesiology from MSU and in July 2008 completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Washington going on to work as a therapist for Rehab Care.


Rudy Project


Rudy Project provides us with insane discounts on all their gear, which includes sunglasses, cycling apparel, bags, and much more.

Diamondback Bikes






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